This life
2017-12-03 03:51:05 (UTC)

Get back on track

I've been cheating on my diet if you want to call it that. I haven't been making healthy food choices. Foods that I would normally deny, I've been indulging in. Like tonight, I ate junk food. Muffins, little cheesecake, some Fritos, half a Musketeer bar. If it was a one time occurance I wouldn't be so concerned. But, I've been having these little binges more frequently than is safe for my weight management. I've stopped losing weight obviously, I'm within 2 lbs of where I want to be, but I could lose it so quick. I need to get back that determination and loose another 10 pounds so if i binge occasionally it won't have an impact. Gotta start drinking my green tea again. I'm not sure why I stopped loosing weight, but I have to get back there. Green tea, A LOT OF IT, fasting about once a week, for one day, stay active, say no to junk food and to sweets. Sweets are my kryptonite. Even though they don't taste as good as they used to, I've still got to stop saying yes to them. 10 more pounds. I can do it. Cut back on carbs, stick with protein, stop eating out, no more fried food, be diligent. Be severe. Go back to the fear of NOT losing weight anymore. I spent over a year afraid the weight loss was going to stop. Now that it finally did, I'm messing it up by falling back into old habits. Go back to the fear. Fight the scale. Fight it.