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2017-10-06 06:30:34 (UTC)

Birthday Behavior

Well today is the day. I am finally 1o years of age. Inknoe it's not that important and thay its just the same year as everything but this day is very special to me because its well of coarse my birthday and its one of my favorite or as they say "lucky" number. I gotten a few things from my mom on this special day.

1). Notebook
2). Butterfly journal (blue)
3). 3 ball point pens
( which I needed)

Breakfast= Skipped
Lunch= spinach lisagna
Dinner= N/A
Desert= Pound cake (one slice)

Mom said that we're only aboe to go out to eat at Applebees later on tonight (which is fine by me). My little sis talks waaayyy to much that its actually giving me a headache. My brother got mad over a damn charger piece that I didn't even know that he claimed was his when he has a whole nother charger and not including a phone that goes along with it so I don't see why he insist in on wanting to charge his older phone all because of some stupid game he wanted to download. I mean what kind of stupid excuse is that when alll he had to do was to download a game coming from his new phone. He just didn't honestly want me to use the damn charger at all. Now you see why one of the reasons that I can't stand to even be around him but he's my brothee and I love him but I'm not gonna let a simple thing like a charger piece ruin my day and especially coming from him. My own brother. He's one of the reasons why I can't stand hi. At least we have some things in common ( which is hate). Well, so far he missed my graduation and as well as birthday didn't even wish me haooy birthday or anything but he has the decency to check up on my dad and call him from now and then. He doesn't even think about me anyways ( Darian). So screw him.


The Forgotten One

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