Do Not Disturb

2017-10-31 05:42:27 (UTC)

🎃Happy Halloween 🎃

I have night shift from 4-9 (till close). Ughhhhhh!!!!! But at least it beats getting paid. I've been doing pretty well so far ever since the money situation has happened. I just can't to see how it feels to have my very own first check. Slept for half of the day. Not healthy at all. Woke up ate cereal with calories that are to be 120 and 13g of sugar. Don't know what to eat for dinner trying to est as heslthy ss possible but its just not working. Yesterday I've decided to grab some pringles (the original kinds) and sour skittles. Maybe I should just cutt my sweets down to only Fridays and Saturday's. I admit will be hard on me. I need to lose weight and fast. I"ve been walking my dog but that's not even helping at all. Bae is picking me up from work around nine. We've been together for almost a month noe and I like for it to stay that way. Today is Halloween but I doubt that I'll be doing anything since work has been in the way.


The Forgotten One