Do Not Disturb

2017-10-05 03:55:01 (UTC)

Birthday tomorrow

Guess who's birthday tomorrow. This gal. I mean its nothing special. Its just like every other old "special" bitthday. The same old. Same old. Its been a daj since he broke up with me and I'm just doing great.... Fantastic. I guess. But I'll forget about him sooner or later. I know he to has done the same. The guy said I was annoying but at least I'm talking to James. Jay saus that he "loves me" but its not like I believe him. Nobody as of that. Its been at least two weeks going on three and mt so-called period hasn't came on. I hope it does so my mom can stop assuming that I had sex. Their are other things beside that like stress and I've been stressed a lot lately eveen since my ex broke up with me. I talk to Jay and James but not as much as we use too.


The Forgotten One