Do Not Disturb

2017-10-03 02:04:20 (UTC)

Craving for your attention

All I ever wanted was your attention was that to much to ask. Now I'm crying because of it because of you. We barelt say much as it is. Tried calling you but you never bother to asnwer. Will I ever find the right guy for me? Probably not. God if your out their.... Please help. I'm alreadu confused as it is. Then my dof ran out. I'm just tired of the same old shit. I try snd talk about my feelings but people say I'm always talking about me. So I'm just through with it and besides at lesst I have you to talk too. Had talked to one of my previous friends before I even moved to this dump. We have a lot to catch up on. I'm the only one who hasn't been to collehe yet well not right now. Her and as well as Bobbie ( another long time friend) both go to UAB. They were my only real true friends. I mean yea of coarse I've talked ro people at mt previous school but they weren't considered true friends. At least my birthday is this Friday. I doubt he's ever goign to call back. What's wrong in wanting your boyfriend's attention? I've tried texting jim nit he never responded but as soon as he picked up the phone that's where it went wrong. Maybe this was a bad idea. I want a guy who loves me for me. Calls me every night. Nice to me. Doesn't go behind my back and as well to not cheat on me but you don't see guys like thay around here now do you. Might as well just forget about him. The only reason why I wanted to get back with him in the first place because I was lonely and I just really liked him but he barely ever showed thay he "loved" me in the first place. We've said I love you countless times but he never really showed it from time to time. It always has been about him playing his game/Tv. It feels like that's more important than me. But I might as well just let it go. Called him back he answered but I'm just not in the mood into talking to him since he's saying thay he doesn't always have to talk to me and in wanting to sometimes to themselves so I will do the same since he don't give a fuck then I will do the same. I saw a girl on his snaonhe claims its one of his "friends" but all he ever told me was to "get over it" and that he's going to bed. I can't do this shit anymore with him. I'd rather stay single. Shouldn't have even taken his ass back in the first place. I'm so desperate in wanting a boyfriend. So.... Naive. Why does everyone treat me like shit even guys??? I just wanna cry. Cry all of my problems away. Because I'm really to the point where I can't take it anymore. He's not the right guy for me. Not is James. Too much bullshit going around. I can barelt take care of myself as it is. I'm stressed out more and more each and everyday.


The Forgotten One

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