Do Not Disturb

2017-10-02 01:32:45 (UTC)

Stupid Argument

Dear future me,

Me and Anthony B. kind of got in a bit of an argument last night over the phone with me in wanting his attention but it was never into any use. I'm starting to feel like he's paying more attenrion to his game than he ever does in talking to me. And everytime I try ans talk to him things just go complete silence for him and I'm just like fuck it and was that. I thought he was the one but I guess not. I don't think this relationship is working its going downhill but at least I have James. Last night well yesterday was the first time he's ever called and it will probably will be the last. I don't know whh nit it just doesn't seem like its eber going to woek well for the both of us he pays more attention to the game and tv and less attention to me. I iust really want to be single again. So I gotta make things happen I guess. Didn't wake up until around twelve this evening. Had to take my dog a bath. And so here I am. Yes I am pisssed off at him still from yesterday but he probably doesn't even care enough. Hopefullt my so called bully has grown tired of me because I had grown tired of her now that she got her "man" back. I will always hate her guts. But I've let it go and so should she. Besides I shouldn't care anyways. I've done blocked her from my life and so as her ridiculous of a guy she calls her boyfriend that is now my ex. But I to will prsy for her. She will get what she deserve. I can never text anhkne without my mom alwaus asking questions. I mean it is my phone and she's been talking to plenty of guys some to whom she doesn't even know. I'm not a child. Well, apparently the only reason of why he was mad because of that stupid game of his like its not that even serious but apparently to some people. But I just told him it will be okay to show him how much I care even though it sounds ridiculously stupid but he stopped responding after that. Oh well.... I need to go out more. Going with our dad this weekend hopefully to celebrate my 19 birthday. I know its not that special but its hell enough special to me. Lucky day. Lucky number. Talked to Jay bit haven't quiet Talked to him since he's in college. On the other hand, while I'm trying to be in college and maybe that way I'll be able to get out more. You know.


The Forgotten One

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