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UnDiscovered Girl
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2017-09-29 00:35:35 (UTC)

September 29,2017

Dear future me,

Hope to get my phone today but like I said the other day I doubt that I'll get it any time soon so once again. Fingers crossed. Well got my ID like it was said. I've never been this confused over a guy ever since.... EVER!!! I mean this is not the first time ir has happened. I'm so quickly into wanting a relationship and now that I have one Anth ony B seems to be way more into me than James will ever be. At least he cares. And he even to says I love you. I mean I get that you don't have to say I love you 24/7 but when it comes to me then yea. See where I'm coming from. Good. I've become less interested in James and more interested in Anthony. I need some serious help. Two guys at once. I just can't. I broke it off with William so why can't I do the same with James. We use to talk a lot in the beginning but now it just feels like he's avoiding me. No phone calls. Barely text me as it is. Maybe Anthony and I do belong. Or not. I am a very confusing person. Ughhhh!!!! So much stress. I know right. I don't know why I gotten myself into this mess but like I said before I gotta get out of it.


The Forgotten One

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