Life of a Highschooler
2017-11-27 23:33:15 (UTC)

Nice people

What exactly is the definition of " Nice people"? To me it means people who are nice. ( Obvious) To me nice people include Tayler. Yes me and her get into fights and stuff, but she's ALWAYS there for me. Another person is Aariona. Her and I dated the same guy but, still think that he's a cheater. And me and her both agree on that. Also Jocelyn, because we both like to laugh and we both like to have fun, and she is really nice too me. Also Adriana, because she makes me a better person. Yes she can't change me completely, but she makes me so I'm not as annoying. Those are nice people. Also Kya, because her and I sit by each other and are partners, and we both enjoy laughing.

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