From this to That
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2017-11-27 03:04:06 (UTC)

Friday 24 November

So we had lunch with seba. Me and alaa. He bought biryani for us. He opened my drink for me. He said.. come lets eat. Shall we? Omg . Im gonna die. I love him so much. And then we talked and talked. Then we had pizza. And we had cake. He said bye to me with his best smile. The kind of smile that makes me fall in love with him all over again. I said thank you for the food. And he was like nahhhhh its fine. And his glasses.. fuck.. im gonna get a heart attack. He said he'll teach me football. Because i wanna learn and my brother doesn't teach me.. and he was like you come. Ill teach u. That made my day. I texted him as well. And we are snapchatting as well. Uayyyayayay. Omg. Im so happy that im crying. Ive never had this feeling. Once he teased me about some other guy.. and i felt quite hurt.. i mean hearing someone u love say about some other guy and u together kinda breaks the heart but anywys. I feel really broken. Ju yeon.. who i once thought was my sincerest friend.. however she just suddenly switches people.. ditches u.. i mean she literally left me with alina. I mean fine u guys are friends.. but when i talk to her about something or lets go down.. she is like.. ahgggg i dont want to go. With alina.. ok go ahead become friends forever. As always im left alone. I wanted to tell her about seba. I called her and she was in academy.. afterwards i asked again.. same reply.. then the next day.. she was sleeping and when she answered she was like emotionless and no reply.. just like oh haha.. And then i said whats up are u ok ? And she was like i want to sleep.. i was just.. ok go sleep. Im always so worried about her and when i want to share my happiness, i have no one to do it with. Anyways night.