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2017-11-13 19:08:00 (UTC)

Qistty. Ur name on my Snapchat is still Q..

Qistty. Ur name on my Snapchat is still Q with two hearts even though we might not be this close then we used to be but I still love u the way I used to. We had our ups and down I mean..of course every friendship does. I was mad at you and it didn't last long because soon I started to miss u .. obviously its qistty who wouldn't miss her!I wanted to patch things up but it looked like you were happy with your life without me so I left things the way they were. Looking at u smile made my day like everyday! But suddenly we started talking and when the first time in 21 weeks.. You said my name and it made my day and I hope this makes your day.The day I found out about you and Diana. I was literally very happy. You both are meant for each other. You guys are the perfect, beautiful, lovable couple I've ever seen. I see it in ur eyes qistty. Ur love for her is like a shout it in the void, unable to be captured.. its infinite. Its too much love.I can't even imagine loving someone so much. Qistty, seeing tears in ur eyes.. literally made me tear up .. I couldn't take it because after a long time.. u were finally happy.. u were happy with someone .. someone finally made you smile and laugh. Believe me. I've never seen you this happy before.We might not have a picture today but in my heart you have a special place. I'm not sure about u but I have always wished for u to be happy. Uve seen far too much pain and u deserve this happiness.Did Diana ever tell u how pretty you are. Of course she did. Haha. But seriously.. u are extremely beautiful from the heart. Its true and ur devoted towards only one person and if anyone breaks your heart, let me know. Ill beat the I Shit out of them I promise. 😂I might not able to hang out with u too much but I promise I'll always have UR back I'll always be by UR side. Ill watch you from afar and keep an eye on u always and keep all the bad things away from u so u could be happy. U deserve it. Thank u so much for all the memories we made.You have been a big part of my life. Stay happy keep smiling. Your smile is the most gorgeous smile I witness everyday. Love u. 💖