This life
2017-11-25 05:26:30 (UTC)

Need to download

Hello again, It's me. My body hurts. My back, my neck, my head, my eyes. What a rough night at work tonight. They say the day after Thanksgiving is the hardest to get people through their dialysis treatment. Tonight was like that and a bit worse. Some of these folks can be quite rude and even nasty, especially at the end of treatment. I understand they are one treatment away from death and are edgy. I totally get that. But some of them act so entitled and boss me around like I'm a servant and are quite rude. In the morning, I try to be as professional as possible and try to get the information I need from them, but they wake up cranky and I am the enemy. It's overwhelming sometimes. Like tonight. Tonight was not a good night. I'm glad I'm home. Oh yeah, and as usual, my feet are killing me. I forgot to complain about that in the beginning.

The Benadryl, and melatonin, and valerian root are starting to work. My eyes are getting heavy. I think I'm gonna try to sleep. Hopefully the Tylenol will help with the aches and pains. God it sucks getting old.