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2017-11-22 09:42:49 (UTC)

The absolutely craziest concept you can ..

The absolutely craziest concept you can ever come across or understand is...
you can change your life right now. as drastically or slowly as you want.
Isn't that insane. It literally blows my mind.

If you think a six pack or toned body is what will make your life better then work out every day for hours
if you hate what is happening to this world stop consuming animal products
if you hate how lazy you are then explore every fucking topic and you will find something that interests you

the funny/sad thing is only drunk/high me will realise the consequence of my actions everyday that don't equate to anything.

Maybe i'll read back on this and think about it. Maybe i won't.
The answers are right in front of us, but most of the time we deny that they exist.

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