always wth love

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2017-11-22 12:46:08 (UTC)

damn babe, never told story

Damn babe will be here less than a hour, the love that has took strength in me. Hopefully we see each other this Friday and before he goes back for a while longer a bit. The strength has gotten at this comfortable spot that I haven't felt like this since we madeout like wedid every chance I could get with him. The rush of adrenaline isn't new but It feels like the beach to me, because I feel so calm of who I am, right now I just had wished that had came to stay within the three months he has been away. Well cant harp on the bullshit life is too damn short.

I never talk about my grandparents I miss them so much now to talk to them at different parts of the weeks. They are most two people that I care for in my life; however, when graduation back in 2013 , I found out brutal truth bout them more every since I see how had fallen through some cracks of the ideal strong woman now that am in a relationship with my man I love so much. However these three months have been more a battle since the a wave of crap that I didn't need to happen BUT did you know. Life is a mystery for everyone somehow, cannot quickly to judge who become. I see a lot both of me in both my grandparents in me. They are strong individuals and stubborn too, I see that in my mom and brother as well. The advice is truth and honest even a bit harsh but isn't nothing that am not usually to me. I love them everyday am there in my life.