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me and my life
2017-11-22 18:47:54 (UTC)

Bored as hell

I was on leave today, I had period cramps as I woke up and was just not willing to go to office. My body wasn't ready to go through all shit travel and forced worked and forced day, gym n all.
I slept wholeday, slept all pending sleep. Had fish and rice. And good rest, did some pending work.
Tomorrow again office, I am so bored to go office. My office has no life it's dull and boring and absolutely not happy with it. I need quick change in job n monotonous travel. I need to think of something good because 5 yrs down the line I cannot see myself sitting in some office and doing shitty Job.
These days youtubebing is in my mind, I can make videos and put in youtube can make good money yaar, lets see when and how. Shall joing digital marketing in Jan gosh new year is in few days and m not upto anything in my life.

Shambhavi is no more single and poo is getting married next month. Monku is at Bhopal to look after his mom as she got operated. I need some fun n excitement in life amd.most importly rich i have to want to be rich and proud of myself. Lets see how things workout. What else.... now job is tge only issue... rest seems better.