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2017-11-21 06:41:24 (UTC)


Today we start again. I will not give up until I have a structured and disciplined life

What has been happening to me?

A quick summary
Kids come over every other weekend which is good. I am so busy when they are here as I am father, mother, driver, cook, arbitrator etc. As soon as they go I miss them but I also embrace living alone. I quite enjoy it now

Something has to happen soon with my taxes. I am awaiting news from the tax man regarding my tax debt. It is quite crucial to my future plans.

My current salary is not enough to maintain my debts and expenses and I struggle with it every month. I have to stay where I am on this salary until I sort my finances out.

Still in dispute with my ex regarding kids maintenance and school fees. I pay her a substantial amount from my salary for half the fees as this is what I can afford but she is taking the money as child maintenance and states that I still owe the school. One thing that is very clear in my mind regarding this is that I am not Prof an extra penny. I am ready for go the long haul with her on this.

My career
I know exactly what I need to do before I move jobs and exactly the kind of job I will get and the pay. I just need a o execute the plans and be patient until the time is right.
It is very difficult sometimes especially when I struggle with money (sometimes I don’t have enough money to get to work) but I have to stay with my plan

Romance and all
I am actually not really on any mood for having a partner right now. I think it is all the added pressure. My drive fro sex or similar is actually very low hmmmm

I actually joined an online dating site but net really feeling it.