deanne and Connor

our dialog
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2017-11-19 10:11:38 (UTC)

Sunday Sorrow (Tuesday too)

i waited for an hour for You this morning. i know i far exceed the 15 min rule but You said You would be here and i SOOOOO wanted to be with You, so i waited........and waited..... :-(
Not sure when You are leaving for SC. I am guessing Wednesday?
Let me know Your schedule the next 3 days or so.
Was hoping i might hear from You and possibly see You tonight but its not looking promising. If I can I will peek in around 8:00 this evening (Tue).
Been here hoping and waiting for 1/2 hr, so i guess its time to go. I am guessing there's no chance of seeing You until at least Sunday.
Have a safe travel and a good holiday.