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2017-11-14 19:29:31 (UTC)

This is real life

I suppose everything can't be perfect all the time.. With all the highs, expect some lows, that's life. My "blues" as Mark referenced, was me losing my job. I knew it was coming, I just wasn't quite ready for it, especially with the holidays right around the corner. It stings, but in the midst of the darkness, I was given an offer I can't refuse. Mark selflessly offered to take care of the majority of our finances, if I chose to return to school. I currently have an Associates in Legal Studies and can further my education; possibly law school. I've always said, I'd goto law school, if I had unlimited time, money and resources, well... I may not have unlimited time, but not to focus on a full time job is definitely a plus, the money will come and he's the best cheerleader, so why the hell not?! I'd be a fool to turn down the offer. The temporary struggles will pay off in the long run for our future in a big way. And face it, two incomes are better than one, especially two professional salaries. We could have the freedom to do everything we want to do together, without worries. Classes start in January, wish me luck!!