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2017-11-13 23:50:09 (UTC)

"Best Friend"

I just found an old poem on my computer that I wrote about 2 years ago and I think it is so well written, it perfectly captures the anger and betrayal I was feeling at that moment, it may not make much sense out of context but oh well here it is:

“Best Friend”

We were going to have a fucking apartment
Remember talking about colour coordinating every room?
Then you quickly departed
I'm sure now he always smells like your nauseating perfume

You drifted like wood in the ocean
Who was there then?
I brought you back with open arms in one swift motion
The person you once called your best friend.

What about your tattoo?
Didn't that mean forever
It's already turned pale blue
Hopefully it can represent whoever

Maybe all that alcohol finally got to your head
Or did the cigarettes get to your lungs
While you were sleeping in his bed
It's as if you're speaking in tongues

Because he's a “fucking prick”
He “doesn't deserve you”
That's what you said isn't it?
Too bad you're just so easy to see through.

At least you've got each other right?
But I don't see the appeal
So stay the fuck out of my sight
Because no matter what, this cut won't heal.

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