always wth love

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2017-11-13 05:43:22 (UTC)

its close is near

dear babe,
Less than week away my favorite person will be home for a bit then again next month too. I miss his touch upon me and witty sense of charm. I cant wait to kiss him till im so weak, i think about him more now its close. We fought in the months since been while we actually saw each other a load of emotions. My depression has gotten worse when i move am going to seek help, id started skipping meals again. We have been so overwhelm this semester its been a lot to bare. my boyfriend and shown growth somehow im still pushing through. We miss our quantity time i just miss you making me smile and his favorite dog, and i just the company. Each day is a new one, my behavior has been horrible towards him. Im willing to do better for us because he has got the strength. His been patience with me each time am very blessed.

We've a month an half of this semester than there's a break till the spring semester. Before that begins, am letting the Lord take all my anxiety for the finals specially in math. Am more ready to the last two exams, within home stench have presentations and projects . Am almost at end here than im closer to universality. So what does that mean about my you and me? i finally feel safe again with his touch upon me waking me his warmth as day takes hold of me. Am ready take the adventure and start over somewhere new with my love. another year with you is best part of me.
Ill see you in new year for last time in March o here.
Ill be getting ready for next part of me and him.
Love you so much babe.