This life
2017-11-13 03:25:32 (UTC)

Up late

I'm up late cuz if I don't stay up I wake up too early and that makes for a very long work day. So I just watched the Walking Dead and the after show The Talking Dead. Then I played this video game that is kicking my ass so bad I almost want to give up. So I just put it away and came to bed.

It is so f cold for November! I want Fall weather, not temps in the 20's! Friggin NH weather, makes up it's own damn mind what it wants to do. I like having four seasons but I think we got jipped out of Autumn. The turning of the leaves wasn't that spectacular either this time. I hope it's not an omen for a Shitty winter. I've lost all my layers of insulation and I'm getting pretty flippin cold already.

I think I might have to break down and join the gym my friend manages. It's only $10 a month and it's new equipment and the place is well maintained. There aren't any body builders training there and I don't feel out of place. It's like my friend said, You don't sleep in your kitchen so why would you work out in the cramped space of your bedroom? It's spatial. You do certain things in certain places. I think working out at a gym would help give me some purpose. Right now I'm just floating along sleeping, working, sleeping working.

OMG! I forgot to write about what happened with the car accident! Well the guy in his BMW barely scratched is claiming injuries and is contesting the police report and the insurance findings that it's was his fault! Do you believe that? He was at a yield sign and I had the right of way. And, to top everything off... They totalled my car. It still ran great it was just too much body damage I cried. I loved that little 2012 Honda Fit. I will miss it. But life being what it is, I needed a new car an with the insurance only paying about the same as what I owed on it, I had no money to put down on a new car. So, I went to the Toyota dealership and got a 2012 Toyota Yaris. I hated that car for probably 4 to 5 days because I was mourning the loss of my Fit. But, if I had to have a little black car, that looks like a pet (a gerbil or a hampster) it might as well be him. Yes it has a gender. I think I'm gonna name him Rex but I'm not sure yet. I'm still getting used to him. I'm so mad that guy hit ME and has NO damage to his car and is claiming injuries (fake if you ask me cuz he was fine at the accident and even told the police he was fine) and I'm the one left without a car that I loved and it wasn't even my fault. And yes, I've had pain in my spine right between my shoulder blades since the accident but you don't hear me whining about it.

OK, so it's 3:00am. I gotta go to sleep. Have Sweet Dreams.