This life
2017-11-01 12:20:24 (UTC)

Not pissy

Well Hello again. This time I am not working, I just happened to wake up early. I work tonight at the Dialysis center and If I don't nap it's gonna be a lonoooooong night. Anyway, I'm not pissy anymore so I wanted to blurt out what was on my mind.

I've taken most of November off from the Assisted Living Home. I need some Saturday night's free with my family. It's nice working per diem. My hubby is taking me to the movies this Saturday night to go see the new Thor movie. I am such a sucker for anything Marvel! And I have the hots for Loki! Like who doesn't?! The theater we are going to also serves dinner so we are having dinner and a movie. Sounds romantic? We're taking Dad with us. He doesn't get out much and this would be good for him too. I love him, and his Parkinson's is getting worse. I really don't know how much longer her has. 2-3 more years? It's gonna break my heart. It already does. I see him having such a difficult time doing simple every day things. And he still refuses help when he can't get up out of a chair or can't move his feet in the right direction to walk. He's hunched over and shuffles his feet along. His mind is still sharp, and apparently he drives my husband crazy. Too bad. He'll get over it.

The house id coming along. My dad's office is complete and Kurt's working on my sewing space and the bathroom simultaneously. He's sanding the dry wall and the floors (nice hard wood floors under that nasty carpet) and putting up bead board on the lower half. I can't wait. The bathroom shower is up and running, He's working on a leaking pipe for the washer/dryer right now. Better to find out now than later on! He's putting up sheet rock (moisture resistant) in the bathroom. (Almost done) and has to lay down the floor. We picked up a beautiful cherry wood sink cabinet for $200 with fixtures and accessories used. This set would normally go for about $900 at Home Depot. And it is in perfect shape and is beautiful. And it has a beautiful huge mirror to match. I'm looking forward to it.

On another note, I started a new video game, Horizon Zero Dawn. Slow in the beginning, but it's picked up. I like it. It gets hard. But I like it. I know 51 and just started playing video games. Well, I got my nose pierced at 47, a small tattoo on my wrist at 50 and started video games at 51. I think I'm regressing. BUT, I'm 51 and I can do what I want and no one can tell me I can't. Hah! And I'm down 130lbs. I look good if I'm wearing clothes, but my skin is getting saggy and I hate it. I hooked up with a trainer and she is giving me exercises to do at home. But I'm failing at that. I do push ups more that anything, I do them on the end of my bed, on the kitchen counter, anywhere I can find a solid surface. I really want to get rid of my sagging arms. Grosses me out. Everything else I can hide with clothes, but not my arms.

Well, I gotta get ready for work. No nap for me. See ya