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2017-11-01 00:30:15 (UTC)

Another day

Well.. it was like all the other days. Our eyes met.. but I pretended to look away.. we smile towards each other.. a sincere and caring curve forms on his face making my heart burst in exhilaration. He asked me what type of glasses he should get. He has a messed up eye .. that's what he said.. anyways .. i said a square one suits you the best and he was like yeah.. and I just smiled back. And that's it.. I can't stop smiling omg. The only reason I love my life. Hope.. continues to burn within me . I do give up sometime but I saw that he removed his Valentine picture from instagram. Lol . I bet myself if he has removed it.. he likes me back too.. and guess what he had removed it. Lol I was jumping like a mad man . Anyhow.. lets see how this goes bye