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2017-10-30 21:23:17 (UTC)

I don't ..

I don't

There's something about just carrying on as normal after you and I spent that night together, that feels odd. I find it odd that you can go back to the status quo, so easily. You admitted to having feelings for me and then without breaking a sweat you decided to forget that it happened. There's a denial that i see happening there and i think it needs to be addressed, especially since you also want ME to participate in that denial. And in continuing on as if nothing happened, i feel as though I'm participating in that denial or that i'm saying i'm ok with it.
What I'm saying is do you think you're being honest with yourself? About what you want and what you need.
What do you want tyo? I think u need to go away and figure out what u want and leave me out of it for now
You know that time you were talking about going away to some really remote place and disconnecting? i really think u need to do that. And not just because of this, but because this kind of behaviour is indica
I thought it was beautiful and I don't regret it and i also can't act like it didn't happen.
I thought it was beautiful and if u can't see that then I don't think

When I'm witchu all I get is wild thots.

He's just not that
Baby driver


Tell him how I feel. I like you, remaining friends would mean so many things.
What does lets remain friends mean? I think pure being willfully naiive. Don't you think I like you?
I feel like you're going with this thing of numbers
I see you doing great things. And if you're gonna do great things you need to be a decision maker. You need to say this is what I want.
I come from a family where we make decisions. If it'll be good it'll be good. If it'll be bad, then ok. So it frustrates me when I see nigerian men.
For me there's something quite dishonest about continuing on as normal after we've clearly shown that we have feelings for each other? So how do u see us being friends after what happened? Speaking honestly I am finding it difficult to figure out the way forward.. but I think that it's the best way for me to respect your relationship.
I don't think it's necessary to meet up

I'm sorry 😞. I'm pissed that I ruined this. I knew you were going to be special to me as soon as I met you. And I was scared of you and excited by you all at the same time. An intelligent, beautiful, Nigerian girl who has creative visions whole package. I'm sorry I crossed the line and I wished I hadn't. Because now It looks like I'm gonna lose you. But I respect you and will of course respect your decision.

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