Story of a Girl
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2017-10-29 17:57:26 (UTC)

Feel Free: March & April

I was rummaging through the fridge for food earlier when I noticed we had some coffee creamer. It's been sitting in the fridge for a couple of weeks now, but I decided to pick it up and noticed it was pumpkin spice flavored... I now have a craving for a pumpkin spice latte. My first and last time I tried the pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks was possibly in October of 2013, so yeah, it's been a while. I had about 4 teaspoons of the coffee creamer but I hope I can buy the actual latte soon before they stop selling. A bit random, but I woke up with a bad cough that's been bugging me for 15 minutes straight now and my burrito has a hard tortilla (#firstworldproblems). I don't want to eat it anymore but I skipped dinner and it's 1:23PM right now and I haven't eaten anything since lunch yesterday. I don't think I have any other choice but to eat it. My mom's making lunch right now, but she's cooking meat and I've been trying to cut down on how much chicken/meat I eat... I'll manage somehow. I do want to say that I've been feeling like crap for this entire month and I did have something conflicting happen yesterday but being able to rant in the previous entry definitely helped me. I woke up in a much better mood today. I feel relieved.

Anyway. I was looking through some notes and I left out a few events out from February. February 27th, we had a few black history month speeches in the new theater by a couple of different motivational speakers. I remember the bell had just rung for first period when my psych teacher said we would be going to the theater to listen to some motivational speakers, and I also remember Kyle and I holding hands and playing with the snapchat filters as we walked over there. He's gay too, so holding hands isn't a problem. I felt the need to state that lol. One of the teachers at the school, Mr. Bacon, was the first to start the series of speeches that lasted the entire day and honestly, he is a very quiet man (even with the microphone) so I was hardly able to hear what he had to say. The only thing I understood from his talk was that he is somehow related to Charles Drew who discovered blood plasma but quit his job as a doctor because he was asked to separate white blood from black blood. For second period, my student aid teacher also wanted us going to the theater to hear the speeches and it was Mr. Bacon yet again. In third period, we had a spectacular day. We had 100% attendance! It had never happened before so that put our teacher in a good mood. In fourth period, we did some group grading on our chapter 12 test which I remember being fairly easy for those who read the textbook. Fifth period was very exciting. In APES, we started a project where we would grow mung beans with different types of solutions to see how the water and its solutions affected the growth of the beans. Savannah was gone that day so my other three table members helped out a ton. None of the groups in the class set a control group, so our teacher praised our thinking. Sixth period was interesting. Most of the students in my English class take We The People and as it turned out, they had a debate in class that day and Kyle ended up pissing off the entire classroom, the teacher included. He started his argument with "POLITICAL PARTIES ARE THE DOWNFALL OF AMERICA." Someone from their class was informing me about the debate when Kyle chimed in, "It's true. Political parties are destroying our country." and that's when EVERYONE from his class started ganging up on him. Marissa and him argued back and forth for a good minute.

Kyle: It's true. Think about it.
Marissa: No. Shut up.
Kyle: Think about it.
Marissa: SHUT UP.

And so on. Everyone from his class kept glaring at him throughout the hour and I thought it was pretty fun. My teacher decided we would have an off day so she had us walk to the new theater to hear more of the motivational speakers. On the way there, the We The People got into another debate regarding Kyle's comments about political parties. I sided with Kyle on this because I SPECIFICALLY recall an article from my government class where George Washington himself said political parties would be the downfall of america. As soon as we arrived at the theater though, we all calmed down and went our separate ways. This time, we had new speakers on the stage, one of them being a police officer who had a passion for singing. He sang when the audience asked him to and he gave us a few youtube videos to look up, but I was never able to find his videos online. For 7th period, we had a substitute teacher who I will mention again. Her name is Mrs. Jury, and she is 67 but she looked DAMN FINE for her age. My forensics science teacher turned 60 only a few days after she came back but Mrs. Jury looked like she was in her mid 40s. She was a previous orchestra high school teacher but retired about two years ago, though she loved being surrounded by students so she took on the job of a substitute when an offer came up. She had us sit in silence for the majority of class though, and if we whispered, she heard it. The majority of the class time was uneventful until the last few minutes of class when Mrs. Jury allowed us to breathe for a bit. She was walking up our aisle when Michele asked to give her a high five... so Mrs. Jury gave her the high five... and as she pulled her hand back, Michele grabbed it and licked the palm of her hand. And then the bell rang. It was weird. Mrs. Jury yelled out "What in the hell was that?" but by then Michele had dashed out of the room. This will be important later on.

That's it for February. Now, March and April updates. I didn't have anything written for those months besides whatever notes I took down on my phone, so I'm most definitely going to leave a lot of good details out. For the most part, March (for government class) related most to Civil Liberties/Rights and the majority of my class time was spent covering things that could appear on the AP test.

The first of March was the birth a new joke between April and I. During government, we were doing something that I've forgotten about but at the end of the class period, I had some extra paper so I decided to draw a gangster Barry B. Benson on it. I named him Diggy Bee Benson instead whose favorite saying is "Gang Gang". April was looking through my papers during english when she pulled out Diggy Bee and well, she decided to draw a character of her own. On the back of our poem packets, she drew a giant circle with a smiley face in it... Debra B. Benson. This joke only got worse when we made Debra and Diggy have kids. Hahaha, I'll have to find the sheet one day, I know I still have it in my backpack somewhere. Oh, and in English, my teacher printed out this super thick packet full of poems for us to analyze in preparation for the AP Eng Lit exam. Nothing in my notes talks about March 2nd besides that my baby mung beans in APES were showing some growth, but that was only for my control group. March 3rd, the only interesting thing I have written down is that I was involved in an argument regarding gays and God during my first period. It was me, Guy, Kyle, two students from my teacher's newspaper team, and Damian or as I previously called him, "gay dude with glasses". The conversation started off by us asking our teacher if there was anything psychological relating to religion, like why some people are prone to be more faithful than others. Her newspaper students chimed in, and eventually the conversation went from actual discussion to us talking about memes and uno cards. All I really remember is that it ended with Damian yelling out, "GOD DOESN'T EXIST. IF GOD EXISTS, HE WOULDN'T ALLOW ME TO WEAR ORANGE LIPSTICK. IT'S CRIMINAL!" with my teacher looking up from her work and saying, "But you have to admit, you look REALLY good in orange lipstick." Damian had a blonde wig on (even longer story) so he did his hair flip and said "thank you" in his flirty tone. Later in third period, I was converting the extra breakfast bags into bags with the illuminati sign drawn on them. My work did not go unnoticed because the following day, I found a sticky note with one of the illuminati pyramids I drew glued onto it with a message that read "You've done us a great service." My notes say that around 6pm that same day, I learned someone's name. Soooo some time in January, my mom rented out the studio in our house to a woman whose name I have forgotten, but she lived in the studio with her boyfriend and her son. My mom had them move under the suspicion they were smoking weed in the house, which my mom is heavily against. That same week, my mom rented out the studio to a man named Ernesto (and that's when I learned his name) who is Cuban but lived in Colorado most of his life. Ellie had been visiting us not long after he moved in so she was definitely trying to make it subtle that she was single and ready to mingle. This is completely irrelevant to school updates, but March 5th was spent trying to find an old toy I used to play with when I was younger. I once had a Polly Pocket set that my parents had gotten me for Christmas and it was kind of like a shopping mall toy. There was one floor with a store on the left, a catwalk in the middle and a smoothie store shaped like a guitar on the right. I'm terrible with description, but the name of the toy is Pollyword: Rockin' Theme Park. I also had the Polly Pocket movie. Once I had finished my nostalgia trip, Stephen drove me to his house so he could show me his $1,055 pool table he had bought from Sears. He is crazy for spending that much money on a table.

March 8th was my brother's birthday! He is five this year, and my youngest brother is a year old and 9 months. I had school that day but nothing interesting happened. More KSS videos for Psychology, a group project listing the duties of the Commander in Chief for government, more online window shopping for prom dresses during english, Josefina walking me to forensics, and eating good bread. March 9th was a mind opening day for me. First, I learned that there is a girl somewhere on campus that was obsessed with MGK. She had written his lyrics all over the restroom stalls. But after that, my APES teacher walked us through the process of how water is cleaned from feces/urine. I asked my teacher, "Does the water we drink go through the same process?" "Yup! Three to five days to process." Once we were done taking notes on reverse osmosis and etc, I turned to my tablemates with my head down low and said, "I didn't know that. I didn't know a lot of things today. We're drinking pee water. It might not even be mine. I-it might not even be my own urine." My table got a good laugh out of that. March 13th was a fun day. There were a lot of breakfast bags in precalc with juice boxes and oranges. Well, I wanted to eat my orange while we worked on our warm-up but instead, I decided to draw more illuminati pyramids on my orange before eating it. Romeo thought I was being funny so he decided to draw Donald and Melania Trump on his oranges and it was beautiful. I know I still have a picture somewhere on my computer. Oh, and as usual, he was considering dropping out of the class but I begged him not to. 6th period was a little funny. We had a substitute teacher named Ms. Evans for two days and that was her second day there. She was strictly against cursing, though we spent of the class time in silence. That particular day, Kyle had walked into class talking with the girls sitting at the table to the right of our table. The bell rang and as Ms. Evans reminded us to avoid cursing, Kyle laughed with the girls and yelled out, "Shut the fuck up bitches!" Like, right after Ms. Evans had just told us not to curse. The class found it pretty amusing, Ms. Evans didn't but let it slide. March 16th, we had our senior rally. I went there under the assumption it would be the final rally of the year. I was wrong. And it sucked. End of story, lol.

March 17th. Siiiiigh. I remember I ranted about my graduation requirements before in January's post. So, my counselor called me into her office and I asked her what I needed to do to graduate with honors. She told me I was going to graduate with Advanced Honors Diploma, but I wasn't going to graduate in white... which made no sense. If you're graduating with that diploma, you're basically guaranteed to graduate in white. So I asked her, what do I need to do to graduate in white and she said I had to bring up my GPA. I said ok, I can do that. Her words were, "Well. You need to take another class through APEX to bring your GPA up. If you do that, you MIGHT be able to graduate in white. I can't guarantee that." What a fucking dumb bitch, I'm sorry but that lady had no idea what nonsense she was spewing out. Being the DUMBASS I am, I signed up to retake Biology through the online course... Long story short, I didn't need it. First off, I signed up to retake that class under desperation. She gave me my login info and told me that I would need to come in every Saturday morning to do the work on campus (not necessary at all). But, she never told me how the website worked. She told me that I had to take a long pretest and depending on how well I did on the test, I could test out of all the work and the only thing I would need to do would be the worksheets. Not true. I asked several students who also took APEX to understand how the website worked. I didn't need to turn in worksheets depending on the subject. My teacher wanted me to do the virtual labs, but at the end of May, all I needed was to make sure I finished all the tests. This leads to a long rant that I'll just save for May/June updates.

I have notes for other days in March but March 20th is the most eventful day from what I have in my notes. My student aid teacher created a game called Stock Market Crash to help her students understand the stock market crash that led to the Great Depression. I don't remember exactly how the game worked but from what I remember, she had divided the class into groups of stockholders and she had three students chosen to run "the bank". She created a powerpoint slide that played in the background from 1920 to 1930 and every year or two, the stock prices would go up. Students were encouraged to buy stock on new pieces of technology, but they had to spend their money wisely. There were two prices listed on the board: the price for investing and the price at which stocks were exchanged at. Since I wasn't doing anything for her that day, I was placed in one of the groups. Just my luck, these students were some of the worst students to be with. Most of them hardly showed up to class and for them to be in class that day was a miracle. Anyway, they had no idea what they were doing or what the lesson was even about so I was helping them the majority of the time, telling them what items we should be investing on. When the year 1928 came up on the screen, stock prices were at its best but we needed to sell our stock before 1929 came up on the screen. At first, they didn't want to listen to me when I told them we needed to sell our stocks until I told them, "In 1929 the prices are going to drop badly and then we're going to be poor and lose the game. So we need to exchange our stock now." And so came the year 1929, prices dropped dramatically and students were PISSED. Some were slamming their desks into the walls, they were yelling at the "bankers"... and my group was sitting back, chilling. While everyone was rioting at the "bank", my group was busy counting our stock money. As expected, most students had little to no money at the end of the game. My group had $542 dollars at the end of the game, and the kids in my group praised me for being "hella smart". No... just the advantage of having taken APUSH the year before, haha. The highest amount a group had was $25 if I remember correctly, but that's still no match for the $500 I handed over to the teacher. We were able to choose from a variety of candy packs, but that game was pretty fun. In sixth period, we were finishing up watching Hamlet (we alternated between reading poems from the packet we were given and watching Hamlet on the screen, both were boring). 7th period was interesting too. Justice came into the classroom claiming that because Anabella wouldn't kiss him, he would hang himself. He stood next to a cabinet, took his belt off, and used it as a noose. Well, Chance was also trying to grab my tits but then I told him I'd let him squeeze one if he serenaded me. He went over to the teacher's computer to look up a song on youtube but when one of the mexicans pushed him out of the way, Chance bumped into the cabinet... There was a desk on top of the cabinet (????) and... poor justice just so happened to be where the desk fell off of. There was a huge bang, the teacher started yelling, and it was crazy. We had to explain to the teacher that there just *happened* to be a desk on top of the cabinet and Chance had no intentions of hurting Justice. Really though, I still want to know why there was a fucking desk on top of the cabinets. How did it get there? Justice did not leave unharmed, though. His heart was still broken. Really though, he wasn't hurt at all but I imagine a desk that heavy would hurt a little bit.

March 24th was Michele's 15th birthday, happy birthday to her. My mom gave me the $70 she borrowed from me... and the next day, she had to borrow it again and it's been a while since I've had any money in my pockets. March 27th, my mama's birthday. We didn't do much. March 29th, we had a fire alarm during 2nd period and it was pretty funny. Some idiots got hold of the intercom and started playing that video of the sheep who screams. After they stopped and we were all in the process of evacuating, more idiots pulled up the sheep screaming video on their phones so for five minutes, all that was heard were sheeps going off from all directions. March 30th, there was a freak sandstorm in my city. It was BAD. It knocked over several trees and we had to make several turns to be able to get home. Things were flying all over the place, I could barely even see the mountains. March 31st was the last day to make full payments for Gradnite at Disney... which I did not make on time. I'll dive into that later. But at the time, I was pissed. I had warned my dad several times about making a payment and he never said anything.

April was probably just as uneventful, most of April was spent strictly preparing for AP exams. Before I forget, Renett and Guy broke up and my friendship with her mainly dissolved. Did I ever talk about what happened with her and Zamia? Renett was complaining about her grades being so low and we all agreed that her teacher was being pretty shitty. Zamia made a stupid joke along the lines of, "Maybe you should sleep with your teacher like in tv shows." Renett laughed, by the way. I didn't hear the joke myself since I was busy looking for someone in the crowd. Turns out that same afternoon, Renett called Zamia from her house phone and told Zamia that the joke was out of line. She told her mom who obviously did not take kindly to the joke, and neither did Renett. So Renett broke off their friendship and since Renett was also looking over Zamia's kitty, she had to go pick up the cat. I returned to school the following day with some awkward news. Zamia was obviously pissed that Renett took the joke to heart, and I agreed with her. Zamia makes those kind of jokes, it's who she is, and we've never understood any of her jokes as anything but humorous. So yeah, Renett was making it awkward for us. She still sat with us, but refused to talk with Zamia? Not long after, Guy and Renett broke up. He wasn't happy with their relationship and so he called it off. They had a good run, I guess. A few days after that, my friendship to her started to crumble as well. It started off when I didn't wait for her to leave her classroom (we're across from each other) so I started walking down to the cafeteria. She was in her classroom turning papers in, but normally she waits outside for me first and since the door to her classroom was closed, I was under the impression she was absent. She got mad that I didn't wait and ran off. Not only that, but I had been quiet the past few days when we walked down to the lunch room.

Honestly, I had been getting bored of always being the one to start conversations. She was always in a bad mood and I made attempts to cheer her up but she would only put me down and continue to complain about her bad mood. I made an effort to help and she didn't like it, so I honestly didn't have much else to say and would keep quiet. I had also been going through some things myself so of course there were times I wanted to keep to myself and she took it as a sign I didn't want to be her friend anymore. She wasn't entirely correct, but I started to view our friendship as neutral. If she wanted to be friends, that's cool. If she wanted to storm off like she did, then that was cool too. It was around the time that our friendship started deteriorating that she slowly started befriending Zamia again. Julie approached us one time when she didn't have anywhere to sit, and since then, she had been sitting with us every day. So whenever Renett was talking to Zamia, I could talk to Julie... All this may have occurred in May, I'm a bit fuzzy on the timing.

But yeah! April was mainly about getting our shit together for AP exams in May. Nothing worth noting besides a few memorable scenes from class. April 9th, we had an earthquake drill during third period precalc. We had to get under the tables but most people decided they would rather "die" by continuing to sit on their chairs. My table was quick to start with the jokes. Romeo was snapchatting the entire event but I told him to shake his camera for added effect. He started his documentary with "It's 9:16AM. The building is crumbling as we speak. I have barely managed to hide, but I am afraid my time is coming to an end. We lost time in the... in the..." and I chimed in with "No... I lost more than time... I LOST MY FAMILY. PLEASE HELP ME." Cue the fake crying and Zamia trying not laugh, who also joined in with "MY BABY, HAVE YOU SEEN MY BABY? MY GOD, MY BABY!!" Two minutes later, someone over the intercom said, "Earthquake drill is over now." Romeo, still recording everything, looked up to the ceiling and asked, "Are you God?" It was fuuucking hilarious. During spring break, I went to a house party that Kyle so kindly invited me to. I'm normally not the type of person who goes to high school house parties, but he was expecting me to go so... April 14th. I didn't want to go alone, so I invited Josefina who was more than eager to get the word out and come with me. She had also asked Antonio to come with us. Antonio didn't have a ride there so he had told his parents I would be giving him a ride, though I had already asked my mom to give Josefina a ride. My mom was a little cranky, but she didn't say much else. She didn't want me going to this party to begin with because of kids who would bring alcohol, but my generation's parties might be a lil different than what she grew up with. Obviously, there was going to be alcohol at this party. I knew that. I had no intentions of drinking. However, Antonio got pretty fucked up himself. The party was lame. It took about half an hour for them to turn the lights off and when they did, that's when the fun started. Unfortunately, it didn't last very long because around 11:10PM, someone had called the cops and we had to bounce.

There was a mansion party going on too, plus two other parties in Henderson, but because I didn't have anyone who could give me a ride and no money for uber, we had to go home early. It was a lame night. April 23rd, my old man's birthday. He's 41 this year. April 28th was the last study session for my government class. Oh! We had our final assembly of the year on this day, and it was extra special because it was our first assembly outside. It was extremely windy but still enjoyable. The senior teachers all lined up on the track field for the senior train line as the band led the way. It was a little sad, to be honest. Afterwards, I had to go to my final study session and I was one of the first to arrive at my classroom. The door was locked so I had to wait outside with the rest of the students who were there. Fifteen minutes passed by and my teacher was still a no show. Half an hour later, still nothing. One of the students from his 5th period thought it would be a good idea to take a selfie with all the students who were there so we could get credit for showing up. As the AP teachers and Deans had agreed on, AP teachers were required to host study sessions after school to help students who couldn't afford to pay for the tests. Ten hours for one test, fifteen for two tests, twenty hours for three tests or four. My government teacher was basically giving two hours per study session, so of course I wasn't going to miss his. Before I forget, Mrs. Jury had to substitute for my english class while my teacher was away at some kind of training in Texas. She was gone for about a week, which was the equivalent of one week in hell with Mrs. Jury. The table to my right in my english class is an all-girls table and naturally, these are the girly girls who like to talk about boys and shoes all day long. There is never a day where they don't bring full on meals into class and one of those girls pissed off Mrs. Jury her first day as a sub. For the rest of the week, we were all basically walking on egg shells. When my teacher returned from her training, we found out that Mrs. Jury is married to a lawyer... which later explained how she was able to afford all her luxuries. She lives downtown in a PENTHOUSE in what I think is the Cosmopolitan casino, although it may be the Bellagio. Her husband buys her her favorite perfume which is no longer in production, but it makes no sense how she is still able to purchase it? Basically, she's filthy rich and spoiled and of course it explained her behavior towards us. Mrs. Jury and my english teacher are college besties too, but our teacher promised to not have her back in the classroom.

That's basically all of April, nothing interesting. May and June updates will be much more eventful, maybe a little emotional for me. It's 6:49PM as I finish typing this up now, I'll probably take a break from writing and watch some Netflix. I'll wash dishes too and take a shower, then go back to writing. Since I'm still organizing my playlists, here's another small list of music I listened to while typing.

Lil Wayne - How To Love
Owl City - Fireflies
Biz Markie - Just A Friend
The All-American Rejects - Gives You Hell
Neon Trees - Animal
Marshmello - Ritual
Swedish House Mafia - Greyhound
Niko & Vinz - Am I Wrong
Kirko Bangz - Drank in My Cup
David Barnes - God Gave Me You (The Blake Shelton version is pretty good too)
The Police - Every Breath You Take
Syd Matters - Obstacles (#BAYOVERBAE #SORRYNOTSORRY)
O.T. Genasis - Cut It