This life
2017-10-29 04:10:51 (UTC)


I'm just a little pissy tonight. I like to be on a certain wing here at the AL home and I'm only here once a week so I know the people on that wing. They keep trying to move me around and I manage to trade shifts to get the West assignment. Well not tonight. She "M" was very adamant about staying on West. So. I take the Float position between East and West. So, I help West from 11 -1 and East 1 - 3 and cover lunch breaks. I helped with the kitchen set up and did everything I'm supposed to as a float. She wants West. Good luck. Mornings are tough over there. I covered her lunch and had to change and reposition two people. It's ok. I just take it personal cuz I know those people. I always work over there. but not tonight. So I'm hanging with the girl on East. It's quiet over here. I'm just pissy. I didn't get my way. Honestly, it's not bad being a float. It's keeping me busy and I kinda like it. But I have told Mgmt that I want West, and everyone knows I work on West. I don't need this job. If I need the extra cash, I can go to ANY nursing home or Assisted Living home and work 3rd shift on Saturday night EASY!

But anyway, the house is coming along slowly. Kurt has help once in a while, but he has other commitments too, so it only goes so fast. Blake offers to help but then gets too busy to do what Kurt asks for help on. my working nights totally throws off my schedule to coincide with his. And when I'm awake, I'm in need of down time. But I need to do more around the house, buy groceries, start throwing things away. I'll just nap after work and get up and make a good dinner. I'm sure my family would like a little bit of care. I should make something big enough for leftovers for a couple of days.

I'm bored , have a headache and I'm tired. writing is pissing me off. pissy