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2017-10-25 22:03:32 (UTC)

The Beginning

I am so happy to be starting this online diary. I don't want to advertise the fact that I am writing an online diary, but if others find it helpful or even slightly entertaining, that's great!

I am a 50-year-old woman married for 25 years (almost). Mother of one college senior and employed full-time for my local city government. Boring, right?
A few interesting things about me:
I have a cat and dog.
My mother-in-law lives with us.
I love football, reading, and television.
I have a lot to say.

I want to start out writing about my struggle with diabetes. I was diagnosed pre-diabetic in 2013. I am a little overweight still but have had my blood sugar pretty under control the whole time. I take one Metformin a day and want to work toward none.
I weighed 153.6 this morning. I am going to start counting from today forward. I ate okay so far today. I had a Jimmy Dean frittata this morning (2 actually) and some frozen fruit for breakfast. I had half a Zone Perfect peanut butter and chocolate bar for a snack, Dinty Moore beef stew and chips for lunch, and nothing since that.
However, m-i-l is making hamburgers and fried potatoes for supper. I probablly won't have any potatoes. Part of my new health(ier) eating plan.

Why the sudden interest in getting healthy? I have a co-worker who is 61 years old. He has been out on worker's comp for 2 years because he broke his leg. He is diabetic, and had two surgeries over the past 2 years on his left leg. He was scheduled to come back to work part-time on light duty this past Monday. He didn't show up and as we were discussing that fact, his girlfriend called and said he is in the hospital in another city in the ICU needing his foot amputated.

Apparently he had a fast-moving infection in his foot (rt. foot). They were giving him massive antibiotics and ultimately did the surgery yesterday evening, amputating his right leg below the knee. This has shaken everyone up at work, understandably, but particulary made a point with the diabetics or pre-diabetics in the bunch. I go back to the doctor for blood work in early December, and I want to show a lot of improvement in my weight and everything else.

I will add more to this tomorrow. My spirits are down today and I didn't sleep well last night. Did I mention I have to be at work at 6:30 am? I do. I also have LOADS to say about my work and my home life. Not all of it good.


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