Experienced Life
2017-10-25 05:15:26 (UTC)

Loving Life

Hahaha. Never ever thought I'd put that in the title of my entries but yup, this man has found the one!!! This woman is so amazing. We are learning more about each other. Our love is growing stronger and deeper now. Some things I know takes time and effort. Even love can't be rushed and we are bonding ever so much more.

The love making? Can't ask for more. She is everything I can ask for. She is so passionate and open to all kinds of fun activities (haha). Without being a perv, the expression on her face when we make love is just so beautiful. When she gets excited, her nipples get so erect and she is really so hot, swollen, and very very wet so there is no way she is faking it. I freaking hit the jackpot with this woman.

Once in a while, she can come over and spend the night at my place. We make love all night and even sneak in another 1/2 hr in the morning before having to get up. We get up and drink coffee, make breakfast and never stop chatting with each other. We have so many cool things to talk about.

Sometimes I get caught up in her being so cute that I just stop and stare at her. She catches me at times and stops. Then she says to me "I'm just sounding like Charlie Browns's teacher to you right now don't I" "Wah wah wha wha wha". lol. I sometimes laugh and pretend by saying "huh?". But I hear her and she just stops at times because she says she can feel me when I look at her. She is so fantastic!!!

This Saturday, I'm going to her neighborhood to attend a little block get together. She is close to her neighbors and have little gatherings. Well, they want to know who this guy is that landed their friend. I will call her SA. SA here I come :) Till next time diary. Thanks again for being there all those years.

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