Life of a Highschooler
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2017-10-21 13:53:40 (UTC)


So I shouldn't be writing this but, this is my diary right? but anyway, I was on the birthday committee and this girl kept talking about she was having a sleepover with another girl and what they were going to do, and stuff like that, and so were friends but she was a little.......weird. So ya. Also yesterday, my friend Kya and I were playing 4 square and she was the King, Anna was the saver, and so When i got to the Queen spot, and the ball got passed to me, I bombed her and she cried and threw a tantrum and it was soooooo annoying. Plus she went to her " Boyfriend" Aaron who is very mean and gross and plus he's a different skin color than Kya and her parents said she can only date people her skin color. At least thats what she told me. I don't know if she's lying. Should I believe her or not?

I need your feedback, so please answer.

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