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2017-10-21 11:24:14 (UTC)

Start Again

I have to make this period count. There is a season for everything. This season is all about sorting out my tax debts with the revenue, restructuring my daily routine, be disciplined, read and become a BA expert. It is not easy, my salary is not enough to cover my expenditure so each month is a struggle. My target now is to ensure that i leave within my means. This will mean denying myself many things.

I also have to content with the issue of the children’s maintenance and school fees. I have mentioned to my ex many times that I can only afford one of the 2 not both. She is forcing me to pay child maintenance which is fine but that means i can’t pay my portion of the school fees. There is only a pot of money i have and this has to be for their school fees but if she insist on collecting maintenance then she will have to pay the fees. Her salary is about double mine and I truly cannot afford any more payments beyond what i am paying. God sees my heart and situation so I trust in him to vindicate me as he has always done.
I start again next Monday, doing my early morning, studying, exercise, quiet time, reading on the train to work, doing my job, learning on my job, and coming home to start again. This is the life I want to live for the next 6 months with no distraction.