Life of a Highschooler
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2017-10-19 22:12:51 (UTC)

Another funny day

OK, so u might laugh at this, but anyway so 1,2,3,4 period were all normal. But then at recess, we were playing 4 square, and so this girl named Jasmine was being a saver and so she was behind my square and so when Jocelyn bombed the ball to me and it went over my head, Jasmine didn't catch it for me. So then me and her traded places, she played and I was the saver. So then I told Jocelyn, bomb the ball to Jasmine. And so she did. And it went over her head and then over my head and after that, she looked at me, and I said: " Oops," sarcastically. And then she grunted. Then Jocelyn, Makenna, Isabel, Anna, and I all laughed. Then me and Jocelyn high fived! The reason we bombed her was because, she cusses a lot and she's kind of mean and stupid because, she tries to catch the ball weird. So maybe tomorrow will be another fun day! And as always: feel free to comment bout anything!!

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