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2017-10-17 10:04:02 (UTC)


you don't understand. i need adoration from the person i'm with. my ex-boyfriend adored me. and i don't mean gifts and stuff but he just adored me. i always felt like he adored me, he always made me feel like he adored me. once you know what it feels like to be adored by the person you're with, you can't imagine having anything less.

what do i need from the person i;m with?
- adoration

Ok i've decided i'm gonna meet up with tyo. i'll have to find another reason to meet up with him than saying 'can we talk?' then i'll bring it up normally, and maybe even say 'there's something i think i need to say'

BUt i need to figure out a way to see him. when is best? to do it before/

or wait, i'll wait thill this weeknd i'll miss his event in brixton, and he'll not see me there and hell wonder why. afterall i bought my ticket. i've talked about it, i've said i'd cme and i know that everyone is gonna be there. so if i dont' show up he'll def calll and ask me where i was, andn then i'll begin by saying

but can ireally avoid the event over the weekend ? like everone is going. i think i wana go actually cos we may draw some dance attiong and if that happens i'd like him to see it.

and as difficult as it may seem i