Life of a Highschooler
2017-10-18 18:57:53 (UTC)


So usually I write everyday. And If u know, I write almost everyday, and the reason why I didn't write yesterday was, my computer got taken away, because of Donnie ( Ex-boyfriend) because he kept emailing me and I was doing my assignment, and I had the gmail tab opened, and a blue dot went on it, and so my homeroom teacher walked by and saw it, and so he slammed my computer lid shut, then he walked to Donnie's desk, and slammed his too. So now, I got it back because my friend, told me I should write a Sorry Letter, and so I did. Then I gave it to him, then I had to stay after class a bit, and we talked, and basically it went like this:
Teacher: Do u know why I took the computer away?
Me: Yea
Teacher: Why?
Me: Because I was emailing, someone across the room, and I should of just talked to him
Teacher: Yes, don't do it again, or the computer will be in the office
Teacher: do u understand?
Me: Yes
And so know I got my computer back, and I just got done blocking Donnie. So yea.......... I HATE YOU DONNIE!!!!!!!