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2017-10-15 12:16:43 (UTC)

- i want it to be a love story ..

- i want it to be a love story
- not just hold up a mirror image or do a tongue in cheek take at white people (or a white husband) but question it. u need to question it by
- i want to see a threatened love between a white man and black woman. a strong love is there between black and white, but it's threatened by some external factor.
- show that black love exists without actually calling it black love
- you could show her desiring these white men, and even tho she desires black men, she still goes for these white men. the men who are desiring her need to be very african maybe he has an accent and she probs doesn't like him cos of his accent. but then the funny thing is that the white man she likes also has an accent.
- that shows her implicit bias against ourselves
- to complicate things make it somethng that's unlikely to happen. turn it on its head. e.g. u never see a roadman kinda british guy dating a
- trap music is dangerous and hip hop to the black community. a white girl can listen to trap music and go and work at her advertiisng firm the nest morning. a white person can detach themselves from trap music they go there to have fun. but a black person will try and live that life. when u think u need to embody trash in order to be succcessful, that's a problem.

1. Start with the topic. What do i want to gain from this? Behin by thinking of the story line. E.g. its a love story. ok what do i want the love story to be? do i want it to be a cliche happy ending? no . there needs to be conflict u need to ruin ur character somehow.
2. what do most girls want? they want guys to buy her stuff. and what do most girls want - great hair - she wants he rboyfriend to buy her relaxer.
Then what does the male character want most of all? to got oxford. and how can we
how can u link his death to his girl?

why do u want it to be set in an institution - will people

a co-worker

a girl who works a really good job. the guy works as

make the fresh girl desireable. goal is to change mindset. write this desireable character who's african as shit. she goes to a basic as uni like westminster. she has an evening job and shes alloed to have 20 hrs per week. then this roadman goes there to drink. and she'll say something like 'it is only u that came today?' he drinks one, two, three. then she comes and asks 'are u ok?' then they end up chattning for an hour and he realises she's actually acool girl and she hasn't given her a chance before. 'you're cool still u kno'
then the next day he comes back sometihng pulls him back to her. then he drinks until midnight and he starts staggering home drunk. but then she finishes her shift and she strats going hom and she sees him staggering and she's like 'what are u doing here' ten she puts her number in his phone (we are trying to show that the girl is kkinda forceful, and its unlikely that he would put his number in his phone, also we need a way for them to have eacothers numbers).

(she knows he's off limits) then one day wheen she's not expecting it he gets a text from him 'do u wanna get a drink later' and she ignore it thinking it's not her he's not not her. - actually scratch that. she has a deadline that night so she forgets to reply him.

the guys works in corporate. he has a really good job / advertising /

there can be a character who is a stand up comedian - (he's dark skinned). he's shgggin this dark skin black girl for a while. then one day after a shag he gets out of bed and decides she's not the one. doesn't give any excuse no reply to text - and says to her 'you're not the one' . that 'you're not the one' follows her throughout her life' 'if i'm not the one, then who or what is.

Lead - zaddy (dark skinned has a beard) -

Friend (comedian) - desireable in an odd way. he dates (give him humanity) -

he tries to buy her a drink - she refuses. she says she doesn't drink. "beer is very bitter i don't know why people are drinking it".
he says 'that's rich coming from you, if people like me didn't drink you wouldn't have a job here" then he drinks and tries to kiss her when he's tipsy. and later on when they meet on another occasion she makes reference to it and she says ' you need to know how to handle

he refers to her as 'this african girl

she has to have a flaw. rather than saying oh he likes this african girl cos she's different than these loud aggressive london girls but no she has those tendencies - she's ready to pounce, ready to fight.

she we have to make that anger desirebale in a way.