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me and my life
2017-10-15 18:40:08 (UTC)


Hi all,

Well writing after ling time very much ocvupied with stupid iffice yaar. Well to my last entry my car is now all mine. P got his own new car and mine is free n can be used whenever i want. So much relaxed. Now the only tension is my job i hope ill get new job soon.

Well today is sundat and whole dat i was on bed chatting with mom n sleeping, life in Dombivli is very vanilla vert boring i mean no life juat surviving. Helped mom for karanji. This diwali i got nice dress for me ghagra type hehehe.. i have adopted new funda in my ife is to enjoy life. Carpe diem!! I was scrolled few insta profiles n see ppl enjoy so much they do some or other thing in life and it seems they are living their life. But me? I am just surviving and planing to tackle problems and overthinking abt everything🙄 i really donno to open up. I really donno yo live life witjout any worries. Now how i think i cud have tried beer in Goa i cud have done this or that they stupid me. Well m nit comparring my life with any one but it taught me that i should get in action rather than just trying to survive each day. Yuhooo hell yaaa!!

Wat else?? Ya m soon gonna lauch my own youtube channel yet to decide on name. But ill soon do it yesss.. new task of mine. Youtuber ill be. Posts can be anythg reviews, recipes, chats, acting bla bla stuffs.
Met v yet spent some time. I really feel these days that rime is running realling fast.

Well one good news is that after ages i got periods without any tablets yuhoooooo... my hard-work of gyming paid off thank you god. I was so happy. Thanks god a ton. I have to workout more n suck in tummy. And make good body internally as well.
Olright then i hope with some good new to share for next time. Cya till then carpe diem! Well tjis can be in my videos ending notes.