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2017-10-13 08:27:00 (UTC)

ritzy part 2

i want to tell him:

- I feel like i saw you in a slightly new light the other night. I respect you and I want to always respect you. However I feel like I was getting fuck boy vibes. And while I don't think you're a fuck boy deep down, there were times the other night that felt a bit fuck boyish. And I didn't like seeing you in that light and I don't wanna see u in that light which is why i guess i had to say something.
- I promise I'm not scolding you. I'm being honest with you and I'd love you to always be honest with me... And I don't doubt that you're trying your best to do that. But in certain circumstances, even if a person has pure intentions, I don't think that they can be honest with others in a meaningful way until they're first of all honest with themselves. Do you think that you're being honest with yourself? About your circumstance, and about what you want?
- Because until that happens I don't think I can be close to you. this thing that we have where we touch or where if we're sitting near each other we're touching, or even just the way we look at each other. Otherwise it'll make me feel like I'm compromising myself in some way. I also need you to respect me.
- So maybe we just shouldn't see each other anymore.