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2017-10-12 20:33:22 (UTC)

Rising Waters Tidbit 1

"I saw people running and screaming, only to be swept away by torrents of water. Houses that had stood strong for generations were toppled by wave after wave. I only survived by luck. Not many others could say the same." Joanna glared and the woman, almost identical to her in every way. Her fists shook and her voice quavered as she continued,
"That night my entire village - my entire world - was destroyed by a single woman. And she didn't even lift a finger."
"It was an accident," Selena protested, stepping forward and throwing her arms out in plea, "she had no control-"
"That's exactly it," Joanna lifted her chin, her glare turning the air around her cold, "she didn't mean it. It was an accident. But tell me," Joanna bore down on Selena, shoving her against a wooden rail, "does that save the people in my village? Does that justify their deaths?" She pushed her away, and Selena stumbled as she struggled to regain her balance.
"Of course not." Selena bore holes into the floorboards as she tried to gather her thoughts.
"At first I was afraid of the power people like her held, it wasn't right," as Selena began to protest again, she was cut off before she could begin, "I don't care that it's not fair," Joanna scowled. "It's wasn't - isn't - safe. I decided to do something about it and I found someone who could show me how."
"I've dedicated my life to protecting others. Like I wish someone had done for me."
Written: 05/24/2017