always wth love

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2017-10-12 12:51:46 (UTC)

Oh hi?

Oh hi? am kinda speechless right now its clear I almost lost him again, seriously THIS TIME! I have a lot anger takes in fear. I had pinky square swear him that I will be better for him and me. I felt so numb, terrible weak :( So, I have started praying for simple things not for things I cant have for year. I prayed for passing exams and classes, guidance wth people that are close to me. Odd enough I slept till 4:20am it was 5 mins better than the two months. So am unstable and my mom was worry I didn't sleep till 9:23 I was talking to my boyfriend late but the conversation was about me my behavior of my words and tone. So lied to her again twice, she doesn't need to know that.... part of me is ratchet :(
um that's all have in my thoughts for this week