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2017-10-11 23:50:45 (UTC)


On Dove: There is certainly historical precedence for the outrage that people are expressing about the Dove Ad, brands have produced a lot of racially insensitive marketing. However, social media has cultivated a culture of collective outrage first, get the full details and think critically later. It’s also not just unpopular to go against the outrage today, but one also risks being ostracized by their community for disagreeing. When I first saw the image of the Dove Ad, I was quite surprised by Dove, given some of the remarkable commercials that they’ve made which were on the mark. There was one with Shonda Rhimes about a fat black woman who dealt with esteem issues, their support for women who chose to breastfeed in public and then there was that one with a forensic sketch artist that showed people describing themselves to be less beautiful than they really are. Most people were upset before they got a chance to see the full commercial. Could Dove had executed their message of inclusivity a bit better, absolutely, but I think there are greater things that deserve more of our collective outrage than this.