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2017-10-10 01:52:31 (UTC)

the parts

- when he did that magic mike show thing on me. you know. fucccck i mean. what.
- when he went down on me. was weird how it went that way. i remember seeing his head kind of moving down my stomach but i didn't think at first he was gonna go there. but then he started kissing both my inner thighs i guess tryina gague my reaction since this was taking it a little bit far). i started moaning and when he heard this he moved to put his lips on the front of crotch, and started licking it, at this point i cpoun't stop it it felt too good. after doing this for a bit he started takng off my pants, and then he brouht his face and laid down and started licking me out. taking it slow,
- when i got so wet that it had completely soaked my pants and his arm was snaked between my legs and he whispered ' you're so wet'
- when he started grinding and moving on top of me so fast and breathing hard and moaning, that i thought he was going to cum
- when he tried to kiss me the time we were dancing downstairs, and i regused a fwe times and he asked 'kiss me' 'ljust one'
- when he told me he was taken by me
- when he told me he felt something when he and i first met and did i not feel it too
- when he brought up the time when we kissed in the cab
- when we were lying there gazing at each other, and then he said 'it's weird how this feels so natural'
- was he smacking my ass at one point? i can't remember

he always respects me. i've never felt disrespected by him - wait it's not even about not feeling disrespected (never mind that's setting the bar low) but always such a gent. i can't handle.