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2017-10-08 18:31:24 (UTC)

So far so good

I had a great weekend with my friend :) We actually went to a workout at the gym together. Went wine tasting to a kick ass Vineyard. Their wine is still cheap. By that, I mean around 20 bucks a bottle but it's good. They will get popular I'm sure and it'll eventually go up easily to 30 bucks a bottle. Then we went to a boat cruise along the Sacramento river. Finally we had dinner at Joe's crab shack. Not a quiet romantic place. Very loud but very fun. We really pigged out on the seafood. We were so bad. I was afraid to weigh myself when I got home. lol. That was Saturday.

On Friday, we went to the movies and watched Bladerunner 2049. Good but long movie. Then she had some food that comes with all the fixings delivered. She came over and cooked for me. It was nice. I think I may have to try to do those home delivered ready to cook meals myself.

Today, I got to watch her play her soccer match. I was just watching so we didn't have much time to ourselves really but it was fun watching her play and she did well. We chatted in between half time and whenever there were breaks but I enjoyed being there supporting her hobby and have fun.

The rest of the day was just intermittent texting to each other. We have our lives still so cooking, cleaning, laundry doesn't stop :)
We both work so we probably won't be able to see each other again till Friday. I miss her already but I'm happy and I'll be good till I see her again.
My life has changed so much all of a sudden and I'm just enjoying the ride. Didn't believe I'd ever type this but Happy Days are happening :)