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2017-10-08 21:08:25 (UTC)


Life’s been treating me the same way. Why? Why put me in so much pain? I didn’t ask to be born. I didn’t want this life. I was happy being an useless atom. They give me life that I didn’t even want and now I have to live it. I have to suffer. I can’t even commit suicide. My parents would be abandoned if I died. What would they do without me? Who would take care of them? I have to think of them too, why? I didn’t want this.
I can’t even get a job in this country. Those assholes whose father or uncle or grandfather is politician or a local mafia or fucking rich get all the jobs. They are like…..
Oh! I need a job, no problem at all, my dad will bribe the CEO.
And the CEO be like…..oh! that guys father already has enough money to bribe me, let’s give him the job.

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