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2017-10-06 14:42:59 (UTC)

a wavering it's a wave

Things terrify me now that I am getting older am tried of failing in my education. That's for one really reason that having someone in your corner has helped me we are perfect fit for one another. I dealt with my own mistakes that changed the way I think now that thinking more who I was back then as 13 and as now 23 young adult, am still behind something I will catchup and be a better version of me. Im terrify who people that got to know me hasn't seen the growth in me, am not going try proof much longer when I graduate. am going be focusing on me and where I what to be. I cannot persuade them and make my point after being rejected of overdue accomplishments. Im terrify to becoming mother too? I know its normal to think about it, I really am because the role models that had looked up has been great; however, I don't hold that against 'em so much. im terrify of living on my own its coming quick.
I saw older sister Staci twice so far this semester alone, they have been super short encounter to point I haven't really addressed it until now. Something about this gurl doesn't click well with me, its strange thou..

Id emailed yellow green eyes she given me great advice to me honestly she amazing to be friend with.