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2017-10-05 23:01:26 (UTC)

he told me that i was the perfect ..

he told me that i was the perfect combination of intelligent and ratchet. That it was a divine mix. It was one of my fave compliemtns


i'm tired of the same rhetoric.
i'm tired of these creatives who regurgitate everyhing we're suffering, everyone is against us and oppression, - yes those things do exist.

I'm interested in new ways of saying things that's no blacks no dogs no irish,

make it interesting, make it complex, create a character that's able to see both sides, - soeioe who knows what they're doing is fucked up but isn't able to do it.

e.g. joshuea the one that said he consciously chose to date black women. why did he choose to do that? is there some kind of superiority complex? the idea of the down-trodden black woman who needs the help

if you were to shine a light on his dating history - and show that he's never looked at a black woman before, he only saw white women - that's what he saw around him. you don't have to say that someone is internalising racism - rather you'd have a scene where u just go into his room and there's a nude picture of angelina jolie or cameron diaz - or every account he follows in IG. Give people something to analyze, something to talk about.

afropunk bullshit