Life of a Highschooler
2017-10-05 21:24:17 (UTC)

Online people

I've had a terrific day, I've been messaging my friends on here, one who is 25( i think) but she's very nice and gives me some advice on friend problems, and my other friends who go to my school, i'm emailing on gmail, so ya. Then in gym my class and did a fun game, it was soccer but with a soft ball, and I fell on the gym floor, it kind of hurt, but I've had worse. I love this online diary thing. But yesterday was more of a bad day, because we had music, and I sang at the wrong time, and my best friend in my class, hated me so ya, but today were friends again. I will be on here until I say " until next time" otherwise i'll be on here, if u want to ask me a question feel free, to, if i dont respond right away, I'll respond sometime.