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2017-10-02 22:31:37 (UTC)

I'm on the phone wtih w. he's ..

I'm on the phone wtih w. he's tellinig me about his previous girlfriends and i can't remember why.

group 1 - zero attraction no

group 2 - only sexually attractive -

group 3 - you find them attractive but also kind of intimately attractive

group 4 - you find them physically attractive, you find them intimately attractive AND also romantically attractive

he says that if a girl comes and stays at my house from friday thru to sunday that means that he really likes her.

people have frequencies. and everytime u come across a person you have to adjust your frequency. The degree to which you have to adjust your frequency when you meet soeone will determine how much you feel comfortable being around them for long periods. There are people who u meet and the adjustment isn't

there was a white girl he dated. when they were having sex she would tell him to speak to him in igbo.. . . . .. .. ... .. .... . . ....

Oh yea we were talking about

I think he knows what hes doing. is he talking abot sex whilst i'n high cos weed makes u horny and he wants me to associate him with sex and see him in that way ?
you're still basic you've just learned to leave long words
if u don't write something with sense then don't ex[ect anyone to read it with sense.
you're not angry that he's disrespecting your hair, or your skin, you're angry that you've bought into it so go and address that first before u come for oyibo.

you've been made to take responsibility of the conditions that oppress you you have become a disease to yourself