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2017-09-22 09:48:01 (UTC)

The Miracle of Sound!!!

"Noro," by Brand New
Why doesn't anyone I know sleep?
Are they all just scared of their dreams?
When they lay their heads down at night
What are they haunted by?

Why won't anyone just close their eyes?
Could it hurt them to rest for a while?
Do they need their friends to be a lover?
Or a lover to be a friend?
How am I ever gonna know peace?
How will I ever see your light through the trees?
I want to burn down everything we've begun
I want to kill and eat my young

September 22, 2017 Friday 9:48 AM

Ah! Happiness strikes!

I was at breakfast with Karina and for some reason we got to talking about words. I told her I make a lot of lists and showed her my WORDS I LIKE list. And she read all of them out loud in front of me and I almost died because no one has ever read the whole thing before!!!!!!

She liked the words deteriorate, ethereal, Elysium, transcendental, thestral, benevolent, circadian rhythm ("that's me" she said). She liked that fragile was right before the word fuck, she asked me about meninges, asked me to define ennui (which I could not because I totes forgot what it meant). I was reminded of how much I like shapely words when she said, "Vernacular, mechanical, prosaic."

We especially got caught on semi-somnambulant. I remembered it had to do with sleeping but it wasn't til a few minutes later that I realized it was specifically tied to sleepwalking, so we pondered the meaning of the word and Karina kept repeating it because she liked the way it sounded.

Conniption. Looming. Yucky. Mnemonic. Etherized.

Karina liked corrode and asked me how to pronounce metastasize.

Stasis, static, tacit.

She liked idiosyncrasy.

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