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2017-09-28 16:10:57 (UTC)

He came back again in autumn (a year later)

Hello am I really back?
Well I say this only for a short period because study later tonight big time. I was utterly surprised I was star-struck in a sense something of excitement that came to me. He came back to visited and say catchup with familiar people. Its been a YEAR sense I saw him! Well I gotta tell you good news! I saw him again honestly he looked different, but I could tell it was him this was sooo yesterday we had fully blown conversation since he had been away I have gain the strength that I really missed, something about him that cannot let go of, his part of me that I could never figure out. So his life is going good he loves his job he works wth elementary kids that kick, pit and hit and sometimes swear. Hes almost done with his education going be a teacher. He asked how am doing at the college and I have update on my process and was wishing me luck with home stench into my career. I also mention my boyfriend a bit. I told my boyfriend about him before so hes understand so no worries. Well this was highlight of my day yesterday, he always comes back in autumn really love that. His my Mad Hatter, he will always be one. I wont see him till next year in the autumn, haha!! (I hope I get to see him again )It will be my last too :(