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2017-09-26 14:50:51 (UTC)

College and my future update (moments)

Its been a while so I write this for a bit to update you guys on a few things that I should take an account on... Well if you had read my entries of things that I wish to ignore its nearly hard, you kno? sometime I forget that am young adult others feel like child. That is most time now more than I can count on that's Not what am trying say now by next spring I will 24 that's REALLY big considering the fact am where I should be. I look harder who am now as young woman, I love, I love this love was different to degree to me. Yes, am still learning pulling through the haze.
Where does this new fresh love is coming from you might ask? my birth mother she given so much that truly appreciate now.
I see my future clearer than I can imagine I want simple life with kids and of course with pets. I still have travel big in me. hopefully towards after get the job and finish and start the next chapter I can start my family! lts clear that I want to take role and I think I would be all right.
Me and my boyfriend are doing fine, much loves