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2017-09-24 15:35:41 (UTC)

While coming into this ..

While coming into this world
Alone you came
And entered into a life- long game
Where hope and courage is needed everyday
Alone you came into this world, Alone you will have to play.
In here,
Now you are a son, then times makes you a father,
Here one day you are in a cradle and then you become old in the other.
Then one by one your days will end
Your vision will be blurred, your body will bend.
Angel of death will come at your doorway
And beneath this earth, alone you will lay.
Have you ever thought what will happen that day?
Will people come to your grave? Will they pray,
For you?
Alone we came in this world; alone we will have to go
The world is our audience, our life is a show.
But can we win their heart; will our name glow in their mind?
That is a question which answer we must find
While coming into this world; alone we came
And entered in a life-long game
A game where it does not matter if we win or lose
What matters is the manner of playing we choose.

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