This life
2017-09-23 14:50:29 (UTC)


Well it's Saturday and I don't work tonight. I'm kinda glad. I can stay up and play my video game all night if I want. lol

Right now I'm at the Tire Warehouse and need to get tires cuz my car failed inspection for the left rear tire so I figure I'll just replace all four to start fresh. I brought in a link on my phone to see if they could price match the price from Sears and they did! I'd rather buy local anyway. Dad's with me. He likes to get out of the house so I take him with me as often as I can to get him out and about. We might go apple picking this afternoon. Depends on how long it takes to finish the tires and go to VIP to get my inspection to pass.

It's awfully hot outside for September. I mean, in New England September is supposed to be cool. Today, Tomorrow and Monday are supposed to be hot. I hate hot. Well, inside in the A/C for me!

My son Cam, he weighed the same as me 285lbs. He's changed his diet, and just joined a gym a couple days ago and he's lost 40 lbs! I'm so proud of him! I hope he keeps it up! I hope I had a little to do with inspiring him. ON my birthday my other son Blake came over to show off his new girlfriend and kept saying how amazing I looked and how much weight I lost. He even wanted to pick me up! I wouldn't let him. Little show off.

They just finished my car. I'll finish this later.

OK I'm back. Dad and I went to VIP, got my inspection sticker, and I got a new steering wheel cover, mine was starting to peel and crack. After that we went apple picking. Well for a 70 yr old man that means picking out two bags of apples already picked, and some apple cider. I picked out a pumpkin and hopefully my hubby will carve something cool in it like he's done a while back. I got one with one side flat so it should make for an easier canvas. Then dad and I went to the Market Basket to get the fixins to make apple pie. I'll make it tomorrow. I'm tired now.

Kurt has been working on the big house almost all day. He was ripping out the paneling in the family room that has a fireplace and swarms of ants came out. Carpenter ants. We might have to call the insurance company to get this fixed. Oh the joy we are having renovating this house! It's hard work and my husband is working himself ragged. He won't let me help with most of the stuff. Not even painting. I am a lousy painter, but I can try. He's quit for the day so he's resting on the couch and I am going to play my video game.

That's it for now. Have a nice day.